Norman Osborn
Gender Male
Species Human
*Human mutate (formerly)
Relatives Harry Osborn (son)
Affiliations Oscorp
Thunderbolts (formerly)
Occupation Founder/CEO of Oscorp
Supervillain (formerly)
Status Alive
First appearance "Great Power"
Voiced by Steven Weber
This is the article on the character from the main dimension. For other uses, see Green Goblin (disambiguation).

Norman Osborn is the father of Harry Osborn. As the CEO of Oscorp, Norman is a highly ambitious and ruthless businessman, desiring to create an army of spider-soldiers using Spider-Man's DNA and resorting to any means in order to obtain it. After his associate, Doctor Octopus, betrayed him, he is injected with a serum mixed with both Spider-Man's and Venom's DNA, causing him to transform into a monstrous, green-skinned, goblin-esque creature known as the "Green Goblin".

After being cured from his condition, Norman begins making amends for his past misdeeds, becoming the "Iron Patriot" and attempting to assist Spider-Man in defeating Doctor Octopus. However, he is once again transformed into the Green Goblin during his battle with Doctor Octopus. After being cured for the second time, Norman vaccinates himself to prevent the Green Goblin from ever returning and resumes being the Iron Patriot.




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