Ultimate Spider-Man Wiki
Gender Male
Species Synthezoid
Relatives Spider-Man (genetic template)
Bone Spider (fellow synthetic clone)
Ghost Spider (fellow synthetic clone)
Goliath Spider (fellow synthetic clone)
Scarlet Spider (fellow synthetic clone)
Affiliations Spider Slayers
Occupation Supervillian
Status Deceased
First appearance "The Spider Slayers - Part 1"
Voiced by Drake Bell

Kaine was a synthezoid created by Doctor Octopus and Arnim Zola using Spider-Man's DNA as part of a Hydra project, known as "Project Kaine", in an effort to synthesize Spider-Man's DNA to form an army of soldiers with spider-based abilities.




Abilities and Powers


Season 4


  • In the Ultimate Spider-Man series, Kaine is named after the fourth and current Scarlet Spider, Kaine. In The Amazing Spider-Man comic book series, Kaine is a defective clone of Peter Parker created by Jackal, who later took on the mantle of the Scarlet Spider after Ben Reilly, the first Scarlet Spider, died. Similarly to his comic book counterpart, this incarnation of Kaine is depicted as a villain in the Ultimate Spider-Man series. However, Kaine's comic book counterpart's iconic costume, abilities (e.g. his stringers and organic webbing), personality, and transformation to a superhero is given to Scarlet Spider, another character in the series who is an amalgam of Ben Reilly and Kaine.