"Halloween Night at the Museum"
Season 3, Episode 21
Air date October 10, 2014[1]
Written by Danielle Wolff
Directed by Kalvin Lee
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"The Revenge of Arnim Zola"
"Nightmare on Christmas"

"Halloween Night at the Museum" is the twenty-first episode of the third season of the Ultimate Spider-Man television series.


Voice Cast

Role(s) Voice Actor/Actress
Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Security Guard/Jack O'Lantern Drake Bell
Luke Ross Cameron Boyce
Ravi Ross Karan Brar
Morgan le Fay Grey Griffin
Zuri Ross Skai Jackson
Emma Ross Peyton List
Jessie Prescott Debby Ryan


  • This episode aired first on Disney Channel on October 10, 2014. It then aired on Disney XD on October 19, 2014.[2]
  • This episodes features a crossover between the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series with Disney Channel's sitcom television series, Jessie. While this episode marks the series' first crossover with a live-action television show, as well as the Disney Channel's first crossover with a Marvel Entertainment property,[3] it marks the third crossover for the Jessie television series.[4]


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