Season 4, Episode 8
Air date April 3, 2016
Written by Matt Wayne
Directed by Jae Woo Kim
Episode Guide
"Force of Nature"
This is the article on the episode. For the symbiote, head to Anti-Venom (symbiote).

"Anti-Venom" is the eighth episode of the fourth season of the Ultimate Spider-Man television series.


Voice Cast

Role(s) Voice Actor/Actress
Peter Parker/Spider-Man Drake Bell
Curtis "Curt" Connors, Hydra Soldier Dee Bradley Baker
Michael Morbius Benjamin Diskin
Arnim Zola Mark Hamill
Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus Tom Kenny
Eugene "Flash" Thompson/Agent Venom, Harold "Harry" Osborn/Patrioteer/Anti-Venom Matt Lanter
Norman Osborn/Iron Patriot Steven Weber
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